Mission Statement

To stimulate Business Growth and Profits Through:

    • Financing
    • Financial and Business Analysis
    • Restructuring
    • Acquisitions

About Us

For more than 45 years we have specialized in securing and maintaining financing to grow your business. With more than 2,500 success stories (and counting!), we understand the challenges facing small businesses, and what it takes to grow.

Of nearly 28 million small businesses in the U.S., 80% will fail within 15 years*.  The vast majority fail because they lack necessary financial understanding of their business.  When the entrepreneur finds themselves in financial trouble, they usually try to borrow money to survive.  Almost always they are turned down because the lenders can see all the warning signs.

Investor Direct Funding has been helping businesses succeed for more than 45 years.

At Investor Direct Funding, we quickly identify those same warning signs, fix them and provide the funding otherwise out of reach for the entrepreneur.

Our long-standing relationships with clients from a wide variety of industries, as well as our own cross-industry experience, enables us to help businesses of all kinds reach their goals.

*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Client Stories