CAT Scan

CAT Scan

Welcome to your Corporate Analysis Test (CAT Scan).

Please score your company using the following scale:

“1” (weak) – “10” (strong)

Are your payables paid within 30 days?
Is your profitability steady or growing?
Do you have an effective system in place to monitor purchasing and cost of materials?
Does your accountant provide analysis which allows you to implement changes?
Are your Accounts Receivable paid within 30 days?
Have your sales revenues increased by at least 10% annually? ­­
Are the company sales spread relatively evenly across your sales force?
Are the company sales spread relatively evenly across your client base?
Do you take time to directly and personally meet with clients?
Do your customers receive the same presentation and pricing from all sales staff?
Do you have a reasonable percentage of total market for your products/services?
Are your customers informed of your niche in the market?
Can your employees describe what your company does and its uniqueness in two sentences?
Do you have an identifiable company image in the marketplace?
Is your customer retention rate good?
Are the written and verbal communication skills of your customer service staff above average?
Are your customer service employees properly trained compared to what you would want as a consumer?
Do you know how many customer complaints occur each month?
Do all or most of your employees receive some training for dealing with customers?
Are your customers able to reach the same service representative each time?
Do you have programs in place to motivate employees to perform?
Do you know the true cost of training per employee?
Do you know your turnover rate by job type and how it impacts your operation?
Do you have updated position descriptions tied to pay structures?
Do you feel that your culture provides a positive environment for all employees?
How effective are your corporate policies and your staff’s adherence to them in safeguarding corporate data from both internal and external forces?
How well is your technology being used to service your customers?
How effectively is your current data being used to assess operations, finances, etc?
Do you have a process to evaluate and eliminate documents that clog your system?
Do your employees get sufficient ongoing training to enable them to utilize technology to the fullest?
Do you have a system for determining production lead times and tracking effectiveness?
Do you know the cost of each unit of production?
Do you have an adequate system to determine just in time (JIT) inventory needs?
Do you have a quality control system that keeps defective products to a minimum?
Is your equipment running at full capacity?
Do you have a succession plan?
Do you feel that your managers work as a leadership team?
Does your management group meet your expectations?
Can you comfortably be gone from the company/department for a week or more?
Are your managers preparing key employees for advancement?
Are you doing all you can to sustain and grow your business?
Do you know the key external influences that do and will impact business growth?
Do you have a good understanding of your competition?
Do you think your managers are knowledgeable of industry and economic issues that impact you?
Do you have an annually updated and useful strategic plan?
Is your company active and visible in the community?
Do you feel you are doing enough to deal with market volatility?
Do you communicate your Vision, Mission and Core Values to your employees (do they exist)?
Do your managers know the key issues the company needs to address?
Are you comfortable with the current status of your company?

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