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1. Do you think your financials are prepared in the best possible light to secure financing?
2. When your bills come due including payroll, taxes, suppliers, loan or lease payments, rent or mortgage and so forth, you always:
3. How are the retained earnings of your company?
On your balance sheet, at the bottom of assets and liabilities, is a line that accumulates yearly earnings or profits and is called “Retained Earnings”. What is that number?
4. The trend in retained earnings over the past 3 years
5. What are your Accounts Receivables vs. your Accounts Payable (Divide your collectable Accounts Receivable by your Total Accounts Payable)?
6. Business Credit - how would you rate the business credit (be practical)?
7. Lowest credit score of all owners
8. Tax Liens / Levies / Judgments
9. Time in business?
10. How is your history with any present secured parties such as your bank, leases, etc?
11. What is your asset to liability ratio? (You may need a separate piece of paper for this -- see description)
Add the values for your company's following assets: Machinery, Equipment, Accounts Receivable and Inventory, at what you would get for these assets if you had to sell or collect them within 30 days, in today's market. Next, add up what you owe any party secured against those same assets, such as a bank or leasing company. The value of the assets exceed the amount you owe the secured parties by:
12. What kind of credit from suppliers is available for your company today?

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